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Your Managament Skills Resource, Issue #001
February 07, 2009

Setting Goals with your Employees

The goal setting process should be an individual process, but the manager needs to take an active role in guiding and supporting both the goal setting and the goal monitoring & evaluation processes. Your role as a manager is to ensure the the goal setting process is consistent with your Agency's mission and values.

Successful agreement on goals involves a 3 step process of analyses that includes the following elements: 3 steps process

Discussion(presentation of wants, needs and capabilities)involves all the interested parties to analyze and answer the six helpers (who, when, how, where, why,how much) of the desired goal and expected outcomes.

Compromise - Goal setting requires that a compromise be reached before the goals can be achieved. Compromise is an essential part of goal achievement because it establishes the goals boundaries and the expected results to be accomplished.

Agreement- closes out the compromise steps and sets the ground rules for goal execution. Everyone involved must agree on resources, benefits, methods of achieving the goal as well as timelines.

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