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How to Write Business Letters to Customers!

Writing business letters to customers can be a very good marketing move for your business. An effective business letter can speak eons about not just your company, but yourself as well. Quite often business owners will be very impressed by the fact that you have taken the time to think about what you have to say

There are two basic formats for writing business letters to customers they are the Block form and the Indented form. Both are highly effective and professional in appearance. However, the Block form is more professional and the Indented form is slightly more on the person side. It is up to the writer to decide which format to use. Samples of the two formats are listed below:

Block Form Business Letter Formatting is as follows:
Align everything to the left side of the paper
Senders address.


Recipients name
Company name

Press enter twice and add your salutation using a colon after instead of a comma. Hit enter two more times and add the contents of the letter. Always avoid using abbreviations when writing business letters and put a space between paragraphs.

This is how your block letter should look. When using a block format business letter everything will be aligned to the left side of your paper, using a one inch     margin on both sides and at the top and bottom of your page.

You will begin your letter by placing the senders address on the first line. Press enter twice and enter the date. Press enter two more times and type the recipients name, hit enter add recipients title, hit enter and add company name, press enter again and add the recipients address.
When the contents of the letter are written, press enter again putting a space     before the closing. Type the closing usually,”Sincerely” followed by a comma. Add another space type your name, put another space then type your title. The letter is finished and ready to deliver.




Indented Form Business Letter Formatting

Right align senders address
 city state and zip code

Skip a line and put in the date

Skip two lines and add the recipients name
Company name


Skip two lines and use the tab button to indent the contents of the first paragraph. When writing a business letter always remember to keep the tone light and polite because a letter written with bad form or bad manners so to speak can have a negative impact on you or your business.

Some things to avoid when writing business letters to customers are: typing with all capital letters, it is basically the same as yelling, using exclamation points, or abbreviations. Always use proper English, avoid using slang language at all times.

Writing thank you business letters is a very good way to show your customers that you appreciate them and their business. So, don't hesitate to send your customers or clients thank you letters to show your gratitude and appreciation. Thoughtfulness always pays off in the long run.

When your letter is finished and you are ready to close the indented form business letter you will need to right align your closing. Simply click on the right align button at the top of your word processor hit the enter button twice and type your closing. Next hit enter again and type your name, hit enter again and type your title. Your letter is finished.


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