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Business Management  Job Description

A Great Guide to Business Management Job Description
The business management sector contains a wide variety of job opportunities for people with a strong educational background. One of the best things about the business management field is that an individual will never be restricted to one type of occupation. The field crosses into several areas, so it would be possible for a person to go from a retail environment into the restaurant field and so forth. This leaves more job opportunities for the person. The following is a list of occupations that fit into the business management job description.

General Manager

The general manger position fits into the business management job description. The title and the job are usually available for people who work in the hospitality industry. The general manager is responsible for monitoring the revenue and marketing of the business. He or she is responsible for making important decisions within the company. He or she assigns certain tasks to individuals who are most suited to perform them. Quite often, this person is responsible for hiring new employees. In establishments that require two interviews, the general manager is normally the person who conducts the second interview. The average annual salary for a general manager is $76,900.

Retail Store Manager

A retail store manager also fits the business management description. The average salary for a retail store manager is $48,600. Retail store managers are responsible for everyday operations of the business. They are mostly held responsible for smooth operations. A retail store manager would be the person who counts the inventory, contributes to payroll calculations, hires and fires employees, opens and closes the store, and counts the money at the end of the night. A retail store manager usually works at least 50 hours per week and is not paid extra compensation based on the hours worked.

Human Resources Manager

Human resources manager is also considered as a business management job description. A human resources manager is mainly responsible for ensuring that a company hires high quality employees. The person's duties would include posting job openings, contacting potential employees, distributing paperwork for pre-employment drug tests, selecting the best suitable candidates, and setting up orientation settings. The human resources manager will also oversee his or her staff to ensure that background check are conducted and verified. Top annual rate for a human resources manager is $69,100.

Insurance Sales Agent

An insurance sales agent makes approximately $50,000 per year. This person must have a background in business management because he may not work for an insurance company. He may choose to work as an independent broker, which would be as if he is operating his own business. An insurance sales agent tries to find the best insurance policies for his customers. He provides excellent customer service by consulting with the client to find out what his or her needs are. He conducts research for his client so that he can find the best policy. He also secures the sales with his persuasiveness and expertise of the product.

Many other jobs fit in to the business management field. These were just a few of the more common occupations.   

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