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 Goal Setting Templates

Goal setting templates - a practical guide

Every successful business or organization knows the high importance of goal setting. Goals give direction to every action and activity. They help you visualize your purpose, and give meaning to the things that you are doing right now. By having a clear mental picture and written description of what you are hoping to achieve, you can strategize more effectively and efficiently both as an individual and a business executive. This short article will show you how to set goals using business tools called goal setting templates.

You have probably heard of the saying, “A goal is a dream with a deadline”. In conventional business theory, that statement is true in almost all cases. However, if you are a business executive with lots of short term and long term plans, the description of your goals should include more than just a deadline. Your goals must be clear cut, specific, and detailed. When it comes to setting extremely specific objectives, it is not enough to commit your goals to memory. You need to write them down.

Lots of business people make the mistake of writing “random” goals. They write single sentence goals that are too vague and general. But if you truly want to achieve more in business and in personal life, you need to become more methodical in your goal setting process. Your written goal should include a concrete statement of your objective, the exact timeframe in which you want to achieve it, how you want to achieve it, and must outline an action checklist that you must follow. Because this goal setting method is very detailed, it is important that you remember all the aspects of your plan. For this reason, lots of executives use goal setting templates.

Goal setting templates are pre-written patterns that allow you to write your goals with lesser difficulty. This way, you do not have to write your goals from scratch. You can simply follow a template or pattern, and then replace the words in the template by words that are applicable to your business or personal goal. An example of a goal setting template can be found in the book by Napoleon Hill, Think In Grow Rich. In one chapter of the bestselling work, the author outlined a specific auto-suggestive format for writing your goals. According to Hill, first you must write the statement of your goal in the “I” point of view. Next, indicate the deadline of your goal. Then you have to outline the things that you are willing to give in order to accomplish your goals. The format found in the book contains exact words and phrases. Any person who wants to use the template can simply tailor those words and phrases to their own situation.

There are many different kinds of goal setting templates that you can use for different aspects of life. Career templates are those which help you set employment goals, such as getting your dream job or getting promoted to the position you desire. Financial goal templates are for people who want to earn a certain level of income in their business. Corporate goal templates help executives envision the future of the company they are a part of. The important thing to remember about these goal setting templates is that they are tools for success. A good goal must still be backed up by burning desire and persistent action.

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