Goal Setting Tips

Make your SMART Goals SMARTER

Here are some goal setting tips to help you set SMARTER Goals:

Your goals are aspirations rooted into your reality, resources and capabilities.

The best approach to developing goals is to recognize your potential, your challenges and limitation and take it from there.

This does not mean that you can’t aim high; this is only a realistic approach towards positive results.

The SMART system works perfectly well if used and understood properly.

The SMART system is a system that structures and simplifies your goal setting process, but SMART is not a software.

Your goals will not automatically become SMART just because you are using the system

Create Outcome – based goals, but don't miss out on the process.

The reached target is the end product of a goal's life cycle. It's what gives you the joy of achievement and fulfillment.

However, the process, the path followed to reach your target, the means used to reach the target, are equally important when analyzing your goals.

Both elements have a valuable impact on your professional and personal life.

Even if you failed to reach your goal what stays with you is the lessons learned, the experience you gained during the process.

Consider this as your guide to ethical goal setting. Not always the means jusytify the end.

Accept the fact that your goals, especially long-term ones, may change over time. Monitor you goals and revise them as you go along.

You goals are SMART if they if they have the ability to translate easily into objectives and action plans.

Goal setting is a learnable skill. It's not a talent or a given. All you need is commitment and a good understanding of the process.

Feel free to use a goal setting form to guide you through the process. You may change or adapt it accordingly.

Remember, you are the master of your reality, you know where you are and where you want to go.

Your goals are personal and they represent you.

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