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What is Strategic Management?

What is Strategic Management?

In a nutshell, it is goals-oriented management in which the mission and planned achievements of an organization are clearly set out and all management processes are designed and monitored toward reaching the organization's overall goals. Steps that have already been taken to reach the goals of the organization are carefully evaluated to make sure that they have been carried out in the most efficient manner possible and that they were indeed in line with the overall goals as set forth in the mission statement which governs the strategic management process.

The Mission Statement

Formulating a mission statement for the organization, as well as for any specific project, is the foundation of effective strategic management. The overall mission statement determines the purpose and goals of the organization, and a mission statement for a project sets forth the purpose of the project.

Planning Activities

All planned activities need to be analyzed before being put into action, in order to make sure that they are dedicated to the purpose of the organization and the project. Activities that are not within the mission statement or purpose of the project in question need to be shelved or shifted to a future project.


Once a new strategically managed organization or project has been launched, qualitative and quantitative analysis and monitoring must be carried out on a regular basis to make sure that goals are being achieved. If circumstances have changed, activities need to be changed and even curtailed to make sure that goals are achieved regardless of these specific circumstances. The question that constantly has to be asked during the strategic management process is "Does this fit in with our big picture?" If an activity or process does not fit in with what the company is trying to achieve, whether in general or with a specific project, it needs to be revised or curtailed.


The overall goal of any management method is results, and the overall goal of strategic management is making sure the results are in line with the goal of the company or project. Constant monitoring of all processes, from management to sales to production, is necessary to make sure that the results which are being achieved indeed meet the goals that they are meant to achieve. Data recorded as part of the monitoring process is used for analysis, and changes are made as necessary.

Making Necessary Changes

When strategic management processes are properly implemented, they allow for flexibility. Rather than changing the goal to meet what has been done at any stage of any project, monitoring and analysis of results allows for changes that are necessary to achieve the desired and stated goal of the firm or its project. These changes can include addition of personnel or equipment, technological changes and anything else that is necessary to achieve the desired overall results.

What is Strategic Management, really?

Strategic management is also about the strategic coordination of efforts. I's communicating with all the stakeholders involved in a project so that they understand and accept its goals. It creates atmosphere for a better teamwork as team members know what they are meant to achieve both as a team and in carrying out their individual roles on that team. If an employee or consultant is not able to work toward the goal in question for whatever reason, or needs retraining or other support, it becomes evident quickly enough and the necessary adjustments to the team can be made.

Being able to answer the question "What Is Strategic Management" means being able to set the goals which a firm or project needs to achieve, and making sure that everyone in the organization understands his responsibility toward achieving those goals.

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