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What Are the 7 Steps to Successful Goal Setting?


  • It is not possible to make your career or  your business work according to the plan if there is no plan at all. There might be several benchmarks which you want your  business to attain starting from getting new customers each week and receiving higher average orders to getting better service ratings. There might be a lot of things you are shooting for, but you ought to remember that the most important aspect opf this process is goal setting. 

  • Here are 7 steps to goal setting:

     #1: Your goal should be something you fervently desire, more than being something which sounds good.   

    Of the 7 steps to goal setting, this is the most important. It is not done to settle for something that is lesser than your expectations because the goals which you set should be on a consistent basis with your values and your capacity.  

    #2: One goal cannot contradict others.  

    Take an example: you cannot purchase a home worth $750,000 if your annual income is $50,000. This tendency is known as non integrated thinking and works by sabotaging the effort and perseverance which you put into your goals. If you carry on with the non integrated goals, your everyday thought process will also be affected. The bottom line is that you should always try and eliminate conflicting ideas from your thoughts.

     #3: Set goals in 6 aspects of your life.

    The 6 aspects of your life in which you need to set your goals are home and family, career and finances, ethical and spiritual areas, health and physicality, cultural and social aspects, and educational and mental aspects. As one of the 7 steps to goal setting, estimating a goal in every aspect of your life helps balance your life as you start examining and changing the fundamental aspects of everyday living. Establishing a goal in each of the areas of your life helps you eliminate negative thoughts and strive towards the positive ones.

     #4: Set down the goal in positive phrasing instead of the negative.

    You should focus on what you want, and not what you plan to leave behind. One of the reasons why we evaluate and examine our goals is because we want to create several instructions for the subconscious mind to execute. That’s because the subconscious is an efficient device since it cannot differentiate the right from the wrong and cannot judge. The only thing it does is carrying out of instructions. If it receives positive instructions, you will get positive results. Positive thinking on a daily basis helps in a person’s growth. It should not be restricted to goal setting alone.  

  • #5: Enlist the goal in detail.   

    By offering your business detailed instructions, you are actually helping the employees in visualizing your end goals with much better clarity. If the outcome is precise, the scope of growth for your business is high. 

  • #6: Have high aiming goals.

     By aiming for the stars, you cannot miss out big because if you miss the stars, there are the clouds. If you set a goal of earning a billion dollars in revenue, you might end up making millions. That’s still a positive move.  

    #7: Write your goals on paper.  

    Once the goals and objectives are put in black and white, you can create a roadmap for your success. At times, the mere aspect of writing them down will set the process in function.  

    Do not forget that with the 7 steps to goal setting, you need to review your goals frequently. Only by staying focused, you can attain success in the achievement of your objectives. 

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