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Basic Management Skills 

Basic management skills are a keystone from which managers develop more advanced approaches in overseeing people, projects and resources.

Learning to have good basic management skills helps those whom you work with and those who want leaders within a company.

In the traditional context, managers are often seen as supervisors. Their role was to "control" and "oversee" the tasks being implemented. That view has changed a lot since then. The manager's role has evolved and developed beyond the day to day operations.

The manager not only oversees and monitors the implementation of assignments, but also plans ahead, makes decisions, solves problems, strategies for the future, builds and coaches teams that overdeliver etc.

What are some of the main basic skills that all managers must posses?

All managers are different depending on the organization they work for, the projects they lead, the management  style they apply etc. However, there are a few skill sets that are universal no matter how different the scope is.

Decision Making:

As a manager you are faced with making decisions on daily basis. The decisions you make have a direct impact on the project outcomes, employees and all the other stakeholders,so making the right choices is crucial. Some decisions are quick and intuitive; others are more complicated and require a structured process, clear objectives and stakeholder input. Our site offers a lot  of resources on decision making processes, important stepstips and techniques etc. 

Problem Solving:

Effective problem solving makes the manager’s role unique and indispensable. Here are some creative problem solving ideas to help you make the right the choices.

But remember, managers are problem solvers not babysitters. Each employee comes with a set of personalities and when tested, some crack under pressure and some rise to the occasion. If somebody is not pulling their weight it’s the manager’s responsibility to find out why without being harsh.

Meetings and Communication:

Managers know when to call a meeting and when to let the creative juices flow.
Sometimes employees see meetings as a waste of time, but it is up to you as a manager to give a purpose to the meeting and make it worthwhile for everybody. It is important to have participative meetings in order to have everyone contribute. Using nonformal and visual tools to encourage participation is the best tool ever to a successful meeting.

Effective communication is one of th e important traits of a manager. Things are not going to go well without  a good communication system in place

Letting people know what is happening within the organization through e-mails, memos and short meetings is a basic way of communicating.

Sometimes the news may not good but omitting to save face will only damage your reputation as an effective communicator.

Communication between the employees and managers are the keys to a great working relationship. Some people spend more time at work then they do with their own families so it stands to reason that you want to have a relationship at work that helps you succeed in life outside of the office.

Managers who communicate through thank you notes, public appreciation and lunches are seen as one of the team members and not the enemy who reports to the higher ups in the company.

Self Development:

Self development is the reason we all work, we want to feel like we are contributing to the organization without compromising ourselves, managers who know  that people make a difference in company moral must fight to prove that the people they work with could one day have their position.

Promoting people above you gives those around a sense of pride that they can become the best at work, which will parlay into their home life.

Those who manage others are mentors that help guide the self discovery process along but they don’t hinder development by asserting their views, unless personal direction is needed a good manager will challenge other leaders within their company or organization.

A Lifetime Resource on Basic Management Skills

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