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SMART Goals are:






Let's take a closer look at each of these elements...

1. Specific

Specific goals clearly describe targets, objectives, ways to meet those objectives (activities and resources), outcomes and indicators to evaluate them. A smart goal statement is straightforward, well defined and action-oriented.

Eg.  Attend two management trainings by June 30th, 20XX

2. Measurable

By setting measurable goals you will be able to monitor and evaluate progress as well as become aware of the time of the reached target. But how do you measure smart goals? Indicators are the best tools to measure goals. Some types of goals have quantifiable indicators; like attending a certain number of workshops or reading 5 books a month etc. Other goals are less tangible and you need to identify qualitative indicators in order to measure your success. Qualitative goals and indicators fall under the category of; improve communication skills, increase knowledge of........etc. The best way to measure those goals is to chunk them into smaller sizes eg. improve my communication skills. Which communication skills?: My verbal communication or written communication? How am I going to do that? How many training sessions?  In the end you will be able to identify if those number of training sessions improved your communication skills by asking questions like: Do i feel less nervous when I have a public speech? Does my hand continue to sweat etc. 

3. Attainable

SMART Goals are achievable.  You must be able to set goals that are possible to meet within your potential and the time specified. Expanding your potential is part of the goal achievement strategy, however, you need to recognize your limits and set realistic goals. Assess your capacity, your skills, abilities as well as the resources available to meet your goals. Use the findings of that assessment as a goal setting foundation. If achieving that specific  goal requires gaining more skills and knowledge, then make that a separate short term goal. Breaking down your goals into manageable components makes the process less overwhelming and realistic. Impossible to achieve goals can be very damaging to your confidence and self-esteem. 

4. Relevant

In order to set relevant goals you need to visualize your big picture.

Ask yourself if your goals will fill the gap between your present situation and your desired one? Is the goal relevant to the overall goals of the company or team or your specific career? By answering these questions you are making sure that you are putting your efforts in the right direction.

Set goals that are applicable to your personal or professional development.

5. Time-Bound

Smart, effective goals are outcome based and demand a time-frame. Set a deadline for each of your goals. This way you are motivated to work towards archiving the goal and enjoying the end result. Make sure that your goals have realistic time lines. 

Smart Goals Resources

Smart Goals Resource Box

Goal Setting Tips - The best approach to developing goals is to recognize your potential, your challenges and limitation and take it from there.

Goal Setting Forms - Goal Setting Forms are a neat tool to use. They organize the goal setting process, clear it from unnecessary information and keep you focused on the important elements. Depending on the form you use, there are 6-7 empty areas to complete.

Goal Setting Definition -  Refers to the establishment of measurable, specific and time-bound objectives. The setting of goals is as important for personal developmet as it is for an organization.

Goal Setting Templates - Every successful business or organization knows the high importance of goal setting. Goals give direction to every action and activity. They help you visualize your purpose, and give meaning to the things that you are doing right now.

Barriers to Goal Setting - Goal-setting is a fundamental tool that provides structure and guidance to the work of an individual employee, as well as to a team and organization. It provides a framework to define and monitor individual achievements as well as organizational expectations in the short and long-run.

Free Goal Setting Worksheet - A free goal setting worksheet is a document that is used by people and business individuals for outlining and defining their goals and working along a stipulated timeline for attaining them.

Small Business Goal Setting - A lot of small business owners do not bother to supervise the aspect of goal setting or entrust appropriate advisers with the task of small business goal setting.

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