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Goal Setting Forms!

Goal Setting Forms are a neat tool to use. They organize the goal setting process, clear it from         unnecessary information and keep you focused on the important elements. Depending on the form you use, there are 6-7 empty areas to complete. 

Here is a helpful guide to using goal setting forms. 

1. Goal and Goal Statement (Rationale)

Describe the importance of the goal. Consider what your goal aims to achieve: eg. continued development, improvement of a situation or solution to a problem. Start your statement stating specifically one of the elements. That is your important part of the goal.

2. Activities/ Tasks/Objectives

List the specific objectives and ways those objectives will be met. This element is a key one to the action plan as it outlines the concrete, tangible, specific, measurable actions and methods to be used in order to meet goals and objectives.

3. Timelines are the timeframes allowed for the completion of goals and objectives.

4. Expected results (outcomes) Outcomes, either long-or short-term must indicate progress and/or completion of the objectives and the goal. List them all down and remember to use specific measurable terms when defining outcomes.

E.g Significantly improve .... It's a very vague term. instead: Complete 5 books, or five workshops are specific, measurable terms. Special Advice: Don't become Number-Bound! There may be goals that have a quantifiable criteria. Focus on the most important elements of the goal and identify measuring criteria for those elements. Read more on qualitative indicators.

5. Obstacles/Constrains Assume the potential obstacles or constrains that may prevent you from meeting your objectives and goals. Obstacles may be physical, psychological, financial etc. 

The benefit of recognizing you obstacles while crafting your action plan helps you develop a contingency plan (a plan B) on how to overcome them in order to achieve your goals.

6. Resources include dollars, time and all the assets needed to be used to help you meet your goals and objectives.

Goal Setting Forms

Goals Sub-Goals Tasks/Activity TimeLine Resources Indicators

Goal Setting Forms -  The Action Form

Goal Goal Statement Tasks/Activity Deadline Resources Constrains Expected Outcomes

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