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Customer Repo

by Narayanan Anantharaman
(Mumbai, Maharashtra, India)

In today's business world, customers are one of the critical Factors. As it is said that "well begun is half done", maintaining a good repore with the customers seems to be one of the key success factor for business. There are various ways that you could achieve the customer repore:

1) Understanding the Customer needs.

Customer needs and requirements must be well understood, you could achieve this by frequently -coordinating with the customer and knowing the various scenarios that the customer could think

2) Maintain a Good relationship.

You need to maintain a good relationship with the customer by helping them in solving the issue that they are facing. We could involve them in various discussions and at some point, we could even talk on the common topic of interest

3) Good Listener

One needs to be a good listener to interpret and understand what the customer has to say before arriving into some conclusion. At times because of lack of listening skills there are chances of missing a few points or misinterpreting the points

4)Greeting and wishing customers

Always greet or wish customers whether you are sending an email across or while you are calling them.

5) No pointing out or negative sentences.

We must never point out directly if there are any mistakes made, when there is complaints. We must simply be kind to explain them and rectify the issue. No usage of negative sentence towards customer as they get hurt and may not like to continue to be our customers any longer.

6) Deal differently with different customer

We need to be tactful enough to handle even the most aggressive customer and at the same time to accomodate with kindness the soft spoken customers. This means adapt the way of approach according to the customer.

7) Commit only to what is achievable.

We must not set unrealistic goals because committing a work and not performing the same could decline the customer's trust.

On the big picture, the customer is the king of the market, because if they are not happy with our services, chances are they may switch to different vendors. There are so many mutiple options available in the market for all kinds of products. It may take a few months or years to build up trust with customer, but once you built it, then you cannot break the customers loyalty

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