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Job Interview Dress Code!

Great tips on Job Interview dress code!

A huge aspect of how we judge other people is a result of first impressions. Simply put, what we detect in the first quick glimpse, which may last for only 30 seconds, is the way other people look and behave. The fact is that, studies have shown that 55 per cent of this first impression depends on appearance and behaviour, which commonly include outfits, posture and body language.  

When you go on a job interview, the way you look is an essential part of the first impression you create. A smart appearance implies that you have put a lot of effort over the way you want to be noticed. A simple neutral look shows a serious, professional outlook. The selection of outfits reveals your attitude to yourself and other people. It is worthwhile taking into consideration the type of appearance that is expected in the kind of position you are applying for.

In order to find the proper job interview dress code you have several options:

Visit the company’s web site and search for pictures or videos of employees. Observe the kind of outfits men and women are wearing. Is it suits or sports jackets for men? Ties? No ties? Is it skirts or pants for women?

Call the human resources manager and simply ask about the company’s dress code.

As soon as you have chosen what the normal job interview dress code is for the type of work you are 
applying for, you can choose your interview clothes by upgrading your look one step up from the norm. Navy blue or medium to dark grey for suits or jackets and a contrasting soft (not bright) white or ivory shirt or blouse work well for a confident, competent appearance. Black looks best on those with strong natural colouring or dark hair. Don’t confuse looking attractive or pretty with looking business-like. Women should avoid wearing low-cut, tight-fitting or otherwise revealing clothes.

There are three basic categories that you may select your interview outfit from:

Conservative - Conservative outfits are typical for environments such as banks, insurance, accounting firms, law companies and other big corporations.  Dressing conservatively means that your outfit has a traditional style with no surprises. For women is a two-piece suit or a simple dress with a jacket.  For men a well-tailored suit with medium-tone colours works well. White shirt with long sleeves and an executive-like tie to go with it must complete the look.

Tips on Job Interview Dress Code

Business casual - Business casual environments include information technology, sales, government agencies, education, retail, real estate, engineering, small companies etc. The outfit for women consists of a casual jacket or blazer with well-pressed pants or a knee-length skirt.  A jacketed tailored dress is a fine choice.  For men a sport jacket or blazer, especially navy blue, black or gray, with color-coordinated long pants or pressed khakis. Shirts must have collars, be long-sleeved and tucked into pants; button-down shirts are good but not mandatory.

      Casual - Casual environments are those such as construction, trucking, maintenance, repair, landscaping, and other jobs where work clothes may end the day stained and sweaty. Casual work attire is appropriate for hands-on working men and women. Often a company uniform is required when you’re on the job, but when you’re in job interview mode, the main thing to remember is to look neat and clean with no holes or tears in your clothing. Colors and style don’t matter as much as they do in conservative and business casual interview dressing, but your overall appearance still counts a great deal.  Shirts or knit tops and well-pressed pants are appropriate. Avoid wrinkled or soiled clothing, and don’t wear t-shirts with writing on them. 

Tips on  Job Interview Dress Code

Regardless what style of outfit you choose for your interview, always remember:

Limit your jewellery to a wristwatch! No dangling earrings or jingly bracelets!

Don’t bring more than a briefcase with you. Juggling a briefcase and a handbag distracts from a well-organized, authoritative image.

Your hair should be clean and recently cut.

If you decide to wear make-up, wear it with style – use natural tones for a natural, clean look.

Many agencies have a fragrance-free policy - research their policies and respect that!

No long nails or loud color nail-polish!


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