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Management vs Leadership

The differences and shared grounds of management vs leadership!

The conventional boundaries between management and leadership are very defined;   management ensures smooth operational running of business, handle daily complex tasks and assignments, make decisions, facilitate discussions to solve problems, negotiate, organize and coordinate departments and people by areas of responsibility, maintain high quality standards and productivity, improve performance, establish policies and procedures as well  as reporting and monitoring systems.

Leadership inspires and motivates employees to embrace fresh ideas and project-models and develops visions and  long-term strategies.

Management vs Leadership

Management Leadership
Sustains consistency; copes with complexity.

Facilitates goals and monitors achievements.

Controls, plans, directs, organizes, schedules.

Negotiates, discusses, consults, reports

Maintains systems, policies, procedures, protocols

Nurtures innovative approaches and ideas.

Generates genuine enthusiasm.       
Modifies organizational structure;
recognizes internal and external opportunities, threats and copes with them.

Develops visions and strategies and communicates them.

Makes decisions that boost the long-term stability of the organization.

Leads and facilitates organizational changes as well as helps employees cope with change.

Builds and maintains strategic partnerships.

Nowadays, the concept of management vs leadership is growing and changing.

Organizations are developing flatter structures and concentrating decision making downward to teams and employees. The times of a totalitarian-boss that just orders people around are gone. Employees give authentic dedication if they are encouraged to think innovatively and are mobilized to contribute, participate, make decisions, seek solutions and become partners rather than followers.

Organizations are expecting more than keen managers or great leaders. They are looking for executives who can concurrently lead and manage. Executives are people who lead, build visions and strategies, mastermind operations and allocate resources effectively. They cascade and share strategies and plans with all structures and teams, distributing power and bringing out  leadership at much deeper levels.

The Manager as a Leader:

Regardless of your position and the management theory applied within your Agency the following attributes apply to every organizational context and every leader, manager and supervisor:

  1. Be true to your ethics and principles
  2. Pursue your goals and help others do the same
  3. Generate innovative and productive ideas
  4. Consider the present and the upcoming
  5. Acknowledge existing and rising opportunities/ risks
  6. effectively communicate actions that will play a part to individual and organizational success
  7. Monitor the organization and inspire others to execute effectively and efficiently
  8. Bring out leadership from everyone in the organization, 
  9. Empower others by decentralizing  power
  10. Keep on to succeed and help others to do the same.

Only through effective leadership do organizations and their people attain success.

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