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Non monetary Motivation and Employees in organization

by Narayanan Anantharaman

Do you always think that Money is the only source? As an employee there is many other source of motivational factor which could boost the morale of the employee.

Money itself does not give employee happiness always. Many non monetary factors such as Recognition, pat on back, good works, Greetings, Gift in Kind etc all make a prime importance in an employee’s life.

An employee passes through various stages in an organization at each stage i.e. the time he was a Trainee then becomes a permanent employee and then escalates in his carrier at each stage he needs conformability, position and security more than a monitory aspect. As Maslow’s Theory mentions the various stages of the life such as the Physiological needs, Safety, Social Needs, Esteem and self actualization, even in employees life all the stages are included for an employee and this can be related to the Non monetary aspect too.

An employee as a trainee must be motivated by their trainer, he needs to get good grooming and training session and if rewarded with good words, he will be motivated to furnish his skills and work hard. This would in turn would make the employee to built up skills . At the end of the training he would acquire and flourish the required skills needed in the industry.

The next stage in which he becomes a permanent employee, he would look for a comfortability zone in which he could expertise and enhance his skills.

At this moment the employer should give the choice of selection of skill in which the employee is willing to work, this would be one of the non motivational aspects i.e. the employee will be happy to work in the field where he is willing to. This will boost the morale of the employee.

As an experience employee may be after 4 yrs the position plays an important part at this stage more than money matters and at this stage appropriate position in the senior level would make the employee to more happy and at the same time he would transfer his knowledge/experience to his junior and make them more productive.

Finally when he retires the motivation factor such as an award in the form of trophy and certificate, free open door policy (the employee could visit as consultant) etc would make him happy.

Finally to conclude even non monetary factor plays a good role in employee’s life

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