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Examples of Business Plans

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A business plan is a document that is used to project how a company will be doing three to five years in the future and describes how and by what means, a company will use its resources to grow and maintain revenues. The business plan also takes into account the basic elements of promotional strategies, operational requirements, financial projections and market research. The central focus of a business model describes what will be used to operate a business. The plan will also be used to expand the business, raise capital, reorganize resources and activities, downsizing data or preparation for sell-out.

There are many examples of business plans. The classic business plan that has been used by many begins with an executive summary. The executive summary has several important parts to it beginning with a cover sheet. A cover sheet should be used as the title page of the business plan and should have the name, address and phone number of the company as well as the month and year the plan was made. Next, you need an executive summary—which is the abstract of your business. The Summary should summarize the content of your finished plan. Then, in Part I you should have a page on The Organizational Plan—a summary description of your business statement. Then in Part II you should have a page on The Marketing Plan. The marketing plan should define all of the components of your marketing strategy. In Part III you will need a page on your Financial Documents. This part of the plan is the overall interpretation of everything that was stated in the organizational and marketing plans.

In Part IV you will need a page on Supporting Documents. This includes personal resumes, owner’s financial statements, credit reports, Copies of Leases, Mortgages, Purchase Agreements, Etc. Letters of Reference Contracts and other needed documents.

Once you have completed your business plan, it should read and look professional—professional enough that an investor or lender will know that it was done by you and be impressed in its professional presentation. Your business plan should be about 30-40 pages. 

Examples of Business plans can also be seen in the the start-up business plan. With this business plan, steps for a new business are defined. Topics that should be defined in this plan are: product or service, market ideas, forecasts, strategy, milestones and how they will be achieved, your management team and financial analysis. Other examples of business plans can be found in the internal business plan. Often with this kind of plan main points are covered by using PowerPoint slides. The operations plan is an internal plan. This plan is much more detailed—stating specifically how dates, deadlines, milestones and responsibilities of managers and teams—are implemented.

A strategic business plan is one that is internal; however it focuses more on pinpointing main priorities and high-level options. In addition a growth plan often focuses on a certain area of a business. These plans can be internal but it would depend on if they would be associated with new investments or loan applications.   

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