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Free Job Interview Tips

A great collection of Free Job Interview Tips!

You sent in your resume and you finally got the call for the interview – now what?  It doesn’t matter if this is your first job or your tenth, job interviews make everyone nervous and are often the single most important factor in whether you get that job or not. What you say and do in the interview has a profound impact on whether you get hired or not by the company.

While you cannot be 100% sure of what will happen in an interview, it is nevertheless better to prepare for the interview rather than walk in unawares.

Use our Top 10 ten free job interview tips to ace your next interview and get the job you want.

      1- Ensure that you have the right documents, carry copies of your resume and any other documents you have been asked to bring. In case you work in a creative field it is also a good idea to carry your portfolio or sample of your work.

        2 - Practice answering questions that most employers ask, you can even research these on the internet, practice this with a friend or co-worker so that you get the best feedback.

        3 - Do some research on the company and the position you have applied for, read the company’s website, be familiar with its products and services and values and if possible talk to people who work there.     

Free Job Interview Tips

       4 - Ensure that you dress the part, for most jobs a neat, well ironed classic suit for both men and women is ideal. Make sure your accessories are sober, shoes polished and hair and nails are clean and shiny. It is also a good idea to carry a pen and paper to take notes during the interview.

       5 - Watch your body language, do you have a nervous tick, do you look relaxed or tense and frightened, practice sitting in front of the interviewers with some friends and ask them for feedback on how you look.

       6 - Be ahead of time, be five or ten minutes early, if you know where the place is, and if it’s a new part of town then be allow yourself time to locate the place. If there is an emergency and you are going to be late, call ahead and let the interviewer know when you can be expected.

       7 - Stand tall and look confident, the more confident you seem the more desirable you become to an interviewer, so walk proud and stand tall.

       8 - At some point in the interview you will be asked if you have any questions for the interviewer, it is a good idea to prepare these questions in advance as they are a chance for you to display your knowledge and thought process.     

Free Job Interview Tips

       9 - Be honest, while everyone does exaggerate on their resume and in their descriptions of their previous job profiles, never fabricate and put something on your resume that is not 100% true, you will be caught out eventually.

10 - Say thank you gracefully, in today’s digital world sending a hand written thank you note to each person who interviewed you can make you stand out from the crowd and tilt the interviewer’s decision in your favour.

Lastly remember to keep calm and breathe – and that job will be yours.

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