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Interview Job Answers!

A great guide to Interview Job Answers!

Every job interview is different depending on the vacancy, company etc. However, there are some standard questions that almost every interview                                                                                      panel asks their potential candidate.

Question: What do you know about our company?

Strategy:  Before you go into the interview, you need to do your research on the company so that you know as much as possible about its background, size, reputation, management, history, philosophy, mission etc.

Answer: I know that this company was founded in 1970 with the purpose of XXXX. I am very passionate about working in that specific sector.  I understand that your company has a great reputable name in the business community and has been successful in its field by surpassing competitors such as XXX and obtaining the support of a few key stakeholders such as XXX. Also, I admire the management style applied by your CEO as it’s very engaging and I would love to be part of this environment.  I really am quite interested in learning more about this company's strategy and plans for future growth.

Question: Why do you want to work here?

Strategy:  Demonstrate that you are aiming to work hard and make a difference, but additionally talk about the organization as being the suitable place for you for the future. Point out company’s core competencies and special features that you like, and why the job suits you. Present your skills and experiences that will benefit the company.

Answer: I would like to join in on this company's "X" project. I truly believe I can contribute to its success. I can manage the complexity of the project and I have the required experience and expertise to make the project a success.  I trust that I will make a definite contribution to this company’s goals, including the need to enhance service delivery. My track record demonstrates that I have been previously able to do this and I look forward to the advantage of accomplishing and learning.


Interview Job Answers

Question: Why do you want to leave your current job?

Strategy: Explain your reason for changing jobs precisely and briefly. You should not go deep into great detail unless you are required. The more time you spend on this particular issue the more dubious the interviewer may become. Don't forget to stress that you are leaving on very good terms. Offer proof and volunteer references. Describe the reasons for leaving in a positive tone.  Don't bad mouth your former boss, colleagues, or company.  Stick to one response and maintain it throughout the interview. Give a "group" answer if possible, like "our department is being restructured”.  If you have been fired or laid off, you may consider answering ambiguously or using a general statement that avoids the issue.

 Answer: I’m looking for opportunities to advance, learn and develop further than I think I would have been able to at my last position. I did leave on good terms, but I'm here today because I know I have the "X" skills as well as the ability to "Y". I believe in myself, and I'm looking for more responsibility and the greater possibility of advancing my career."


Interview Job Answers

Question: What do you consider to be your greatest strengths and weaknesses?

Strategy: Customize your strengths to the position and the hidden preferences of the manager with regards to making their job easier and making them look good. Whatever you do, don't state that you don't have any weaknesses. Identify your strengths initially, and list several. After that speak to your weaknesses, but just name one. You can specify a weakness which is in fact a strength, but be cautious with this - you don't want it to be too apparent. Maintain the description of your weakness brief.

Answer: I think my biggest strengths consist of my passion for this particular sector, my dedication to have the job done, my capacity to focus, remain on task, sustain quality, and my ability to generate encouragement and inspire a team. I am also a process oriented person and I seek input and contribution from colleagues, subordinates as well as clients. Provide an example! I would say my greatest weakness in the past has been lack of delegation. I committed myself to too many tasks and ended up being overloaded and maxed-out. However, I've gotten better at this by setting goals and prioritizing. This helped me focus on my most important tasks and delegate the rest.

Interview Job Answers


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