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Strategic Plan Template   

By Majlinda Priku  
Majlinda Priku, Platinum Author

A Simple and Effective Strategic Plan Template

There are a lot of strategic planning templates out there, some are ok, and some are very confusing. This section will simplify your strategic planning process by providing you with a template that is effective and easy to use.  

The template includes the main generic elements of every strategic plan; however, each element is broken down into a few questions in order to facilitate your way to crafting a great plan.

Take the time needed to discuss with your employees and answer each question through a facilitative, participatory approach. By engaging your employees and getting their contribution, you are giving them ownership of the plan.  This way, later on you don’t have to sell the plan to them, as it belongs to everyone.  

All strategic plan templates include the follwing elements: 

- A general description of the company

- A mission and a vision statement

- A narrative of goals and objectives

- Enteral/External analysis

- Strategy and action plan on how to implement the described goals and objectives.

The overview provides background and historic information about your company.

When was your company founded?

Why do you exist? This includes your mission and vision statement.

 Internal/External Analysis

The analysis component determines your unique expertise, your excellence, your outstanding strengths, your core competences that set you apart from your competitors. It helps determine how to enhance and maintain your competitive strengths.  


The internal analysis process answers the following questions:

What are your goals and objectives (long/short –term)?

What is your target group, your clientele and how do you meet their needs?

What are your strengths, your core competences? What makes you unique?

What is you organizational culture? Does it have a top down approach or a bottom up approach? Who makes the decisions? Do employees feel engaged and motivated?

Do you have established policies and procedures?

How do you increase expertise? How do you develop your staff?

What are your financial resources? Are they sustainable?

How do you market yourself?


The external analysis process answers the following questions:

Who are your competitors? What do they do best?

How do you pursue partnerships and networking with companies similar to yours?

What are some financial and economic risks that your company may face in the future?

The final and the vital elements of a strategic plan template are the Strategy and the Action Plan.

Process wise, before identifying the strategy and the action plan, I would recommend a visioning process with your employees. Help them see big and far. Encourage them to dream big, to see beyond reality and create an ideal image of your company. How is it going to look like in 5 years? After this exercises it will be easier to strategize.
Strategy is about how do you get there? The process shapes-up an action plan with specific goals, objectives, activities, timelines, responsibilities, expected outcomes and required resources.

Contact me to get a Strategic Plan Template and an Action Plan Template (PDF/Word Version).


Use SWOT analyses to structure the internal/external analysis process.

Use visual tools to faciliate the strategic planning process.

Apply a facilitative, participatory approach by engaging your emplyees to contribute.

Do not rush the process!

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