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Employee Motivation Techniques

                    Six Fool-proof Employee Motivation Techniques

Managers can’t certainly accomplish things or be successful in their jobs, if their employees aren’t motivated to execute well. 

If you are a manager, it’s crucial that you constantly search for approaches to get your employees engaged and trigger their inspiration and dedication to the company and its goals 

Here are some employee motivation techniques proven to work!

1. Share the big picture

Help your employees understand the big picture, and not simply a myopic view of their particular tasks. Good managers support their staff in understanding the vision of the company as a whole, obtain a better point of view on simply how the company functions, examine its core values, discover ways to take on potential risks, and motivate progressive thinking. Once your employees understand how the company operates, they are much more motivated to support its mission and commit to making positive changes.

2. Discover what motivates your employees

As a manager you need to find out what moves your employees, what turns them on, what stimulates their innovative thinking? Are they happy doing what they are doing? Are they placed in positions they  perform best at? When people are placed in positions in which they are able to achieve their potential and fulfill their individual expectations while carrying out what’s essential to the organization, you’ll have employees that are more motivated to execute at their utmost.  

It’s essential to provide an environment where employees feel great about themselves and where the work they do enables them to feel happy inside at the same time. Once your employees come to work, they can’t switch off their real human side, in other words, their human character. To get people to perform at high levels, you must plug into their human side, affirm them, and help them meet their own needs.  

3. Generate ways for individual growth  

When you stimulate individual growth and advancement as an approach to encourage employee motivation, not only do you support employees optimize their contribution, but at the same time you are boosting the efficiency of the company. It’s a win for everyone. 

4. Embrace a participative management approach 

Find organic ways to engage your employees. Facilitate focus-groups using participatory tools; brainstorming, visual tools such as, fishbone diagrams, flow charts etc. Make participatory decisions, design participatory plans and strategies. This is the best way to not only get creative ideas and draw on collective expertise, but to also honor everyone’s contribution and give ownership. Follow-up on their ideas and use the findings to make positive changes. If you want your employees to be motivated to do their best, and if you want them to be the most valuable asset on your balance sheet, then let them feel and experience ownership in the organization. The top managers allow each individual employee to truly feel like a business partner. When people feel ownership of something, they care for it, preserve it and pour themselves into it.  Thi is one of the most powerful employee motivation techniques.

5. Apply “open-book management”  

Open book management it’s not just a trendy concept. It’s a great approach to motivate employees and a step forward into making them partners. It entails sharing the organization’s financial  files, records and operational strategies  and then explaining them precisely what they cost and what value they add to the organization.

6. Generate opportunities for independent  assignments:

This shows employees that you have faith in them in making decisions that impact their work. It allows them to use their expertise and their best judgment. It stimulates creative thinking and it is one of the most effective employee motivation techniques.  

Quick Employee Motivation Techniques:

 Improve exposure within the organization 

Openly acknowledge the great work of an individual. Send an email to everyone praising the good work. If budget allows, provide that person with additional resources; a new software, books, training opportunities etc. 

Display accomplishments 

Recognize and reward with a framed certificate or a personalized plaque or prize. Do this consistently, maybe every 3 months.  

Allow employees to share their achievements by asking them to present a special case study or a touching story at a staff meeting or a management conference.

Visit us for more employee motivation techniques!

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