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Example of Business Plan

                                       Example of Business Plan Guide

There are 3 main elements that are core to any company to create a solid business plan. 

 Vision/Vision Statement

 Mission Statement

 Goals and Objectives/Activity Plan

 Vision Statement - Example of Business Plan

The vision is definitely the driving focus of the company’s direction. Without any guidance the company will be confused, wandering around round the surfaces of the business world. As you develop your business plan you need to consider two parts of this component; the vision and the vision statement. The vision itself could be extensive and relatively vague. However, the vision statement, is brief and to the point.

The vision takes you out of today’s box and describes the world of the future. Your vision can be anything you want it to be, it may be a sentence long or a complete document, it can wide-open with a number of different aspects or it can be quite targeted. Because the vision is a description, it must be encouraging in keyword phrases and wording. The vision must create a picture that draws employees by using visible images. This is exactly what hooks people into enthusiastic buy-in and happy execution of the plan. The vision must incorporate strategies which grab people’s interest and build the eagerness which is essential for successful planning.  The visioning process provides information such as the size of the company in ten years, its geographical boundaries and expansion, its potential future markets etc.  During the visioning process it is critical to have your employees and all the stakeholders involved. Having feedback and buy-in is more than crucial. It is important to have a shared vision for a basic reason: People sustain what they create faster than something given to them. This results in ownership and common interest from your current stakeholders.

Examples of Vision Statements -  Example of Business Plan

To be the honoured leader and trustworthy information resource for all management community!

Our vision is to master the entire world market with our products!

To build the tiniest, most user-friendly computer in the world!

Mission Statement - Example of Business Plan

A mission statement specifies the purpose of your business. When creating your mission statement  consider  this question, “If your business failed, what gap might remain in the business world?”

The mission can additionally become a focal point for your employees.  

They will be able to understand that their contribution makes a difference and their mindset towards work will shift. Creating a focal point is particularly essential in times of excessive pressure, typical in today’s business world. The mission is fairly different from the vision in different ways, however, the two must not be mixed up. The vision statement describes the future and is in future tense while the mission statement is present tense. The vision may be a group of suggestions or a conceptual description of the place you desire to be in the future, whilst the mission is a one defining phrase of what you are today. However, there are a lot of commonalities. They are both created as everlasting pieces, but yet they both may go through changes as the business environment changes.

The most significant element of the mission statement is to convey purpose. It helps employees realize what the company does and the way their roles are integrated into that purpose. The mission provides significance to everyday work. It offers comprehension of roles and accountabilities. Similar to the vision, that provides the element of commitment, the mission delivers the cornerstone for implementing purpose.

Examples of Mission Statement  -  Example of Business Plan 

Our mission is to help managers deliver excellence through training and informal caching.

We offer a variety of good time management courses at a reasonable rate.

We deliver your food to the seniors with a 100 percent guarantee.

Goals and Objectives - Example of Business Plan

Once you finish the above process the next important step is to convert the mission statement into daily activities. Your vision and you mission are certainly not pieces in isolation. They work in conjunction with the other elements of the business plan.

Convert your vision and mission into something of quality by establishing 4 or 5 strategic goals that together with each other achieve your vision. Consistently develop a cohesive process by adding these goal parts until a better picture of the future starts to arise. Carry on incorporating parts and pieces that make sense until you have the whole plan. Goals are the quantifiable manifestations of the vision. When you add your strategic goals together they should equal your vision. Here are important questions you can ask when you have completed your analysis and are attempting to set the goals. Start with this particular basic question: Why do we want to achieve this goal? Can the specified end product really be attained or achieved now that we have investigated all the facts and numbers?  Will it be feasible for the company to develop a number of activities and decisions over the lifespan of the plan to accomplish the goal?  Are we competent enough to achieve the goal?

Once you determine the goals than it’s important to break them down into several objectives.

The following questions should serve as guidelines for setting realistic, meaningful objectives.

Does the objective have a well-defined outcome or end state? Do we have the resources to achieve it? Can we achieve it on time? Who has the main responsibility to reaching this objective? What expertise do wes need to get results? How are we going to measure the success or failure of the objective?

Examples of objectives -  Example of Business Plan

Increase profit by 10% on each unit of the business by 20XX. Each unit will bring “set a target” of sales (in the next 6 months).

Open 2 more stores in XXX by 20XX.

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