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Sample Business Thank You Letters

                    Your Guide to Sample Business Thank You Letters

Today, many people comment on the lack of manners. It is important for you to maintain your professional business manners. This means demonstrating appreciation and enthusiasm towards your new and existing clients by sending an appropriate business thank you letter in a timely manner. A well written business thank you letter may provide a business professional with the unique way of capturing or maintaining a business account.

You can use these sample business thank you letters format as a guide:

The Greeting: Direct your business thank you letter to the specific person. Use the customary greeting of “Dear” followed by “Mr.” or “Ms.” combined with the last name and then followed by a colon.

 Example: Dear Ms. Kate Smith:

Make sure you also spell the person’s name correctly.

The Body: This should be no more than two paragraphs. In the first paragraph communicate your thanks and excitement. You should mention the date of your meeting The second paragraph needs to convey what special or unique service you can or have provided.

The Concluding Paragraph: Communicate that you anticipate a future meeting and that you will be following up with a phone call.
The Close: "Cordially", "Sincerely, Regards", "Very truly yours", can all be used to close your business thank you letter.After the last paragraph of your letter, single space and type the close. Type your name four spaces exactly below the close. Sign your name between space between the close and your typed name.

 Example: Regards,


 Kevin Brown.

Please refer to the following sample business thank you letters as a more detailed example:

Dear Mr. Jerry Green:

Thank you very much for meeting with me last Friday. I am appreciative of the time you extended me, since it is your company’s busy season. I am enthusiastic to know that you will be discussing our cleaning products with your Board of Directors.

We are very proud of the fact that we can offer a wide selection of green cleaning products to our clients. Our products have been reviewed in many trade magazines.
We hope to continue to receive excellent ratings.

I will be visiting your area again at the end of the month. I would like to drop off additional samples. I will be sure to call you prior to my next visit. Please let me know if you have any questions. You can always reach me directly at 555-555-555.



Sloane Smith

Here are a few other pointers regarding thank you business letters:

1. Make sure business stationary consists of high quality paper.

2. Provide clear contact information. Many companies make the mistake of using a bold logo that overpowers contact information which prevents contact information from easily being read.
3. Give direct contact information. This demonstrates that you care about business relationship building and want clients to connect with you without being blocked.

Most importantly, your business thank you letters, as well as business letters in general, will only be meaningful if you follow through on the ideas you communicated in your letters. You may be wondering where you can find sample business thank you letters. The Internet is filled with sample business thank you letters. Also, additional sample business thank you letters can be found by visiting Writing Resource Centers of many community colleges.   

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